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In Unicode order, the Shin dot (U+05C1) comes before the Sin dot (U+05C2), but in MS keyboard layout order, Sin dot (Caps-Shift-9) comes before Sin dot (Caps-Shift-0). MS Word sorts according to the Unicode order (Shin before Sin), with priority given to the vowels over the Shin/Sin dot. Whether that matches Academy of the Hebrew Language standards or not, I can't say.
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	Thank you very much!!!
	This is exactly what I needed.
	I do haven an additional question. How is the Sin/Shin handled?
	I assume the the Sin comes before the Shin, but how does that play with the vowels? Is the word alphabetized by the vowel first, then the Sin/Shin - or is it alphabetized first by the Sin/Shin, then the vowel?
	For example:
	Vowel-wise $"M comes first, Sin/Shin-wise &FM comes first. So which has the priority?

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	Ken Penner wrote: 

		The order Pere listed below is also the order of the Unicode code points for the vowels (U+05B0 to U+05BB) and of the vowels on the Hebrew keyboard in Windows from left to right (on the number keys and \).
		Ken M. Penner
		If you are asking or looking for something simple I would say:
		1. shewa
		2. hatef-segol
		3. hatef-patah
		4. hatef-qamats
		5. hireq
		6. tsere
		7. segol
		8. patah
		9. qamats
		10. holem
		11. qubuts
		This is the official vowel sorting order, stated by the Academy of the Hebrew Language.
		Pere Porta
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