[b-hebrew] bi adoni

Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Fri Jul 6 00:32:26 EDT 2007

The arguing was done some time ago.  There is no point in continually
pointing out that you disagree.
Kevin Riley
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From: trepp at telus.net 
Date: 6/07/2007 1:49:59 PM 
Isaac, according to your method of interpretting each syllable, bi adoni
Mean any number of things. Especially since you make out ba) and )AB to be 
Reversed cognates. 
Based on that, lebab and babel should bear fraternal sentiments. 
While it is interesting, and even amusing to read such novel (if not absurd)

Lexical games, I have by now seen so much of it without comment that I 
Recognize your style of philology even before seeing your name, and am 
Seriously wondering why so many such things are said without any spark of 
Discussion. I must have counted a very long list of such fresh ideas before
Even noticed a single person say they noticed you posted differently. 
There may be something to what seems madness here, but I had to point out
While I like the odds and ends, it disappoints me that it isn't either 
Challenged or at least reasoned with. I see people arguing blue over things 
That make for ludicrous debates in the first place, but either such 
Experimentation is out of place here, or oddly unengaging. 
Regardless, keep posting Isaac. I'm still trying to figure out what you are 
Doing, and if anyone pays attention here. At least you are always cordial. 
Travis Jackson 

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