[b-hebrew] Alphabetizing

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Thu Jul 5 02:51:43 EDT 2007

The order Pere listed below is also the order of the Unicode code points for the vowels (U+05B0 to U+05BB) and of the vowels on the Hebrew keyboard in Windows from left to right (on the number keys and \).
Ken M. Penner

If you are asking or looking for something simple I would say:

1. shewa
2. hatef-segol
3. hatef-patah
4. hatef-qamats
5. hireq
6. tsere
7. segol
8. patah
9. qamats
10. holem
11. qubuts

This is the official vowel sorting order, stated by the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

Pere Porta

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