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Thu Jul 5 00:16:10 EDT 2007

I checked out the links you gave, but none of them answer my question.

I just want a simple list of the order of the vowels. What you gave, while I'm sure is alphabetized properly, doesn't tell me how to. I don't want to have to try to figure it out from a list, as by doing so I could make a mistake.

I just need a simple list like "patach, segol, etc".


If you are asking or looking for something simple I would say:

1. shewa
2. hatef-segol
3. hatef-patah
4. hatef-qamats
5. hireq
6. tsere
7. segol
8. patah
9. qamats
10. holem
11. qubuts

This is the official vowel sorting order, stated by the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

Pere Porta

pporta at oham.net wrote: 
    I got a 404 Not Found error when going to that link.


    Yes, you are quite right.
    Go to www.oham.net/out/N-t/N-t.html
    or www.oham.net/out/N-d/N-d.html

    I think it must work.

    Pere Porta

      John Steven

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      pporta at oham.net wrote: 
          I have a question in regards to putting Hebrew words in alphabetical order. 

          I assume that ordering the words according to the letters would be the 
          first step, but how do you handle the points (dagesh and vowel)? 

          What is the ordering criteria when you have two or more words with the 
          same letters, but different points? 

          So, for example, if you have the words: 

          Or if you have: 

          How would they be alphabetized? 

        Look at www.oham.net/out/N-t.html 
        You will find the right vowel and other points order stated by the Academy of the Hebrew Language. 


        Pere Porta 

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