[b-hebrew] NDR in Deut. 23:22 in HALOT vs HALAT

A. Philip Brown II philipbrown at apbrown2.net
Wed Jul 4 21:21:32 EDT 2007



Deut. 23:22 reads, "If you NDR a vow to YHWH your God, you shall not delay
to fulfill it."


In its entry for NDR, HALOT lists Deut 23:22 under the sense of "perform a
vow." Perhaps this is a problem with my English, but I would never have
regarded "perform a vow" as synonymous with "make a vow." In my mind, the
performance of the vow is done after the vow is made.


This makes me suspect either that "perform a vow" is an infelicitous
translation of HALAT or that Deut. 23:22 should have been listed under the
other sense HALOT gives: "make a solemn promise."


Could I ask again for verification of HALAT's first sense for NDR?


Todah rabah!

Philip Brown




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