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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Mon Jul 2 17:33:24 EDT 2007

On 02/07/2007 20:48, Brak wrote:
> I'm not talking about in lexicons, but list in general.
> Like if you are looking at a listing of books in Hebrew with points how 
> would they be listed, or names in a phone book, etc.
> I assume that there has to be a standard for putting pointed hebrew 
> words in alphabetical order.

A few years ago some of us were looking for a standard for this to be 
reflected in the Unicode sort order for Hebrew, but we didn't find one. 
I would be interested to see the one Pere linked to if he can provide us 
with a working URL.

I note that in modern Hebrew as well as in some older biblical works 
e.g. Strongs' lexicon sin and shin are listed together, with the 
separate dots only as a secondary distinction, whereas in most 20th 
century works on biblical Hebrew sin and shin are treated (in that 
order) as separate letters of the alphabet. There are also some 
interesting issues relating to special sorting for final forms.

Microsoft and probably other software providers have a built-in Hebrew 
sort order which is based on the modern Hebrew sorting, but their 
treatment of vowel points may be arbitrary.

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