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Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Mon Jul 2 15:48:12 EDT 2007

I'm not talking about in lexicons, but list in general.
Like if you are looking at a listing of books in Hebrew with points how 
would they be listed, or names in a phone book, etc.
I assume that there has to be a standard for putting pointed hebrew 
words in alphabetical order.
That is what I am asking about.


John Steven

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Harold Holmyard wrote:

>pporta at oham.net wrote:
>>>I have a question in regards to putting Hebrew words in alphabetical 
>>>I assume that ordering the words according to the letters would be the
>>>first step, but how do you handle the points (dagesh and vowel)?
>>>What is the ordering criteria when you have two or more words with the
>>>same letters, but different points?
>>>So, for example, if you have the words:
>>>Or if you have:
>>>How would they be alphabetized?
>>Look at www.oham.net/out/N-t.html
>>You will find the right vowel and other points order stated by the Academy 
>>of the Hebrew Language.
>HH: I say this to John: lexicons do not normally take into consideration 
>vowel points when alphabetizing words. They operate by consonants and 
>roots. Verbs normally take priority over related nouns that are 
>otherwise the same consonantally.
>Harold Holmyard
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