[b-hebrew] Alphabetizing

Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Mon Jul 2 14:33:58 EDT 2007

I got a 404 Not Found error when going to that link.

John Steven

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pporta at oham.net wrote:

>> I have a question in regards to putting Hebrew words in alphabetical 
>> order.
>> I assume that ordering the words according to the letters would be the
>> first step, but how do you handle the points (dagesh and vowel)?
>> What is the ordering criteria when you have two or more words with the
>> same letters, but different points?
>> So, for example, if you have the words:
>> )FBAL
>> )FB"L
>> )"BEL
>> ):ABFL
>> Or if you have:
>> )FDAM
>> )FDFM
>> )FDOM
>> ):EDOM
>> )ODEM
>> How would they be alphabetized?
> Look at www.oham.net/out/N-t.html
> You will find the right vowel and other points order stated by the 
> Academy of the Hebrew Language.
> Regards,
> Pere Porta

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