[b-hebrew] Psalm 10:10

Ben Crick ben.crick at argonet.co.uk
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On Wed 28 Feb 2007 (17:57:38), jbarach at aol.com wrote:
> What in the world do you do with Psalm 10:10?  In particular, what are 
> the  first two words?

 Here is a straightforward Kethibh-Qere situation. Also, it is an
 acrostic Psalm, yet the stanzas for Peh and Tsodhe seem to be missing,
 or corrupted so as to begin with the wrong letters.

 The Kethibh appears to be W:DaKaH a Qal Perf with Waw Consecutiva,
 root DKH meaning to crouch down, be crushed down. It fits the context
 of a lion crouching as an ambush predator waiting to pounce with its
 "strong ones" (teeth and/or claws) at the ready.

 The Qere is YiD:KeH the Qal Imperf. The dot in the Koph is a Daghesh
 Lene, not a doubling dot (Daghesh Forte) so it is not Piel.

 The second word is from the root ShaChaTh, the apocapated qal Imperf
 in pause with Athnach.

 You may translate it as "He bends down and crouches" (Artur Weiser);
 or "He crouches, he bows down" (AF Kirkpatrick).

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