[b-hebrew] Tenses - Deut 6:4

Bob MacDonald bobmacdonald at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 26 14:23:21 EST 2007

Isaac - thanks for your reply


My conjugation  / theological question is perhaps not list business - more
suited to a linguistics or philosophy list.  I think the point you brought
out about the primitive nature of language is important. Our 'understanding'
is conditioned by habit and the commonplace.  As a result we may never
escape the context of the assumptions of others - whether they were right or
not. That is what immediately struck me as I looked at the tenses of these
words in Deut 6 - the whole section in fact.  We are looking at the Shema
tonight in my Hebrew class - it is late enough in the group formation that I
may be able to introduce a question.




Bob MacDonald

Victoria BC





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