[b-hebrew] a contradiction re "the Jesus family tomb"

goranson at duke.edu goranson at duke.edu
Sun Feb 25 14:55:22 EST 2007

According to Toronto Star:

"The documentary speculates that the James ossuary was stolen shortly after the
tomb was found. The archaeologists examining the tomb 26 years ago found 10
ossuaries, but only nine are in storage at the IAA. In The Lost Tomb, it is
alleged that the James ossuary is that missing box."


James Tabor's The Jesus Dynasty (pp. 31-33) previously raised this as a possible

But Amos Kloner, "A Tomb with Inscribed Ossuaries in East Talpiot," 'Atiqot 29
(1996) page 17 Table 3 plainly lists that (#10) ossuary as having "No
Inscription." If it had no inscription in 1980 how can it be an
anciently-inscribed "James" ossuary?

This is merely one of the items that do not add up.

Stephen Goranson

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