[b-hebrew] ossuary claims; dates

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 09:06:57 EST 2007

" Can we, for starters, conclude that at least one of the above claims
   is false? " 
      asks   Stephen Goranson  http://www.duke.edu/~goranson  
  "Jannaeus, His Brother Absalom, and Judah the Essene?"        
     The answer, for starters, depends on our expertise in Second 
  Temple paleography and onomasticon, and especially the 
   sciences involved in establishing authenticity of the physical
  evidence such patina and the ossuaries (see the Krumbein report,
   for one.)
   It is true that absence of knowledge, or half knowledge, does not 
  stop people on this list and others from regurgitating partially digested
  opinions, so the question can be regarded as retoric.
   And whether the question is within the sphere of this particular
   list is another matter.
  Since the question also includes the name of someone
  accused of forgery, let me just point out that in this country indictment
  does not equal conviction, neither does it in Israel (as anyone who 
  follows even cursurily the domestic scandals there knows).
  Personally,as they say, I have no opinion on this issue.
    Uri Hurwitz                                                        Great Neck, NY


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