[b-hebrew] 2 Ki 2:10

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Remember I said U and I are gender neutral. They are used  
interchangeably for variation, with no regard to gender. I make the  
substitutions U=HU and I=HI just for elucidation, to recall the stand- 
alone personal pronouns. The personal pronouns HU and HI are by  
themselves compounds: HU=H+U, and HI=H+I. The word in Isa. 54:11 is  
NUXAMAH=N+(H)U+XAMA+H from the root NXM, where the U (=HU) is for BAT  
ZION (as mentioned in 1:8) and the last H (=HI) is for the gender.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Feb 22, 2007, at 2:14 PM, <pporta at oham.net> <pporta at oham.net> wrote:

>> I have said it before, I will say it again.
>> In my opinion the Hebrew vowels U, I are the personal pronouns HU,
>> HI, independent of gender. The vowel A is just a puff of air. The
>> ancient Semites did not waste vowels for nothing. Thus LUQAX is L+HU
>> +QAX, where HU is Elijah. This is the grammar. The rest is being
>> understood contextually. Saying that LUQAX is PUAL is the same as
>> saying that PUAL is LUQAX. Nothing is gained thereby.
> ___________
> Then.... in the word NUXFMFH (1), she was consoled (Isa 54:11)  
> ----- how do you understand and explain that vowel U is HU?
> 1) F = qamats
> Pere Porta

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