[b-hebrew] Fwd: paronomasia and/or Pentateuchal sources in Kings

John Kloosterman yemenim at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 20:36:00 EST 2007

>Can anyone recommend studies that discuss paronomasia (puns) in 1/2  Kings?
>I am particularly interested in identifying source materials in  Kings that
>use this literary device.  I imagine, for instance, that the  Tales of the
>Prophets would include more of this than excerpts from the Royal
Chronicles or the
>heavily Deuteronomistic materials.  I already have N.  Levine, 'Twice  as
>Much of Your Spirit: Pattern, Parallel and Paronomasia in the
Miracles of  Elijah
>and Elisha" , JSOT 85: 25-46.
>On a related note, can anyone recommend studies that identify
>intertextuality of Kings and the Pentateuch broken down by DH sources  (JEDP)?
>Russell Gmirkin

You can use the copy of the Tanach http://www.tanach.us/Tanach.xml to
see the DH sources (look for the DH link on the right side of the

--John Kloosterman <yemenim at gmail.com>

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