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John Wilking jcwilking at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 21:11:56 EST 2007

Sorry I didn't put the "Subject" in the last posting.
  I found three times in which  ANI occurs twice:
  ANI ANI HU, Deut. 32:39
  ANI ANI DVRTI, Isa. 48:15
  ANI ANI ATROF, Hos. 5:14
  once with ANOKI:
  ANOKI ANOKI HU, Isa. 43:25
  These seem to be simple intensifiers.  Would it be strange to think of  AHYH...AHYH as intensive in nature?
  John C. Wilking

John Wilking <jcwilking at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Is it possible to see more semantic similarities between AHYH in Exodus 3:14 and ANI in Isaiah 47:8,10 other than that both are translated as EGW EIMI and "I am?" Does ANI ever occur twice like ANOKI(Sp?)...ANI?

John C. Wilking 

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