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Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 18:00:58 EST 2007

    You wrote, in part:
  " As for your claim that Edom was not a political entity, all you have is a
lack of evidence, which many people, including Uri, claim is not necessarily
evidence of lack."
    Anybody who makes the claim about Edom mentioned in your quote is
  simply ignorant of the work that goes on there in recent years, especially
  in Khirbet en-Nahas, but not only there, and its possible ramifications for
  the dating of centralized authority in that region -- considerably earlier
   than previously assumed.  See, for instance the  following:
            Reassessing the Chronology of Biblical Edom: New Excavations and 14C
   Dates from Khirbat en Nahas (Jordan). Antiquity 78: 863-876. ..
     Since then other work  has been going on in the region. 
     Again, best wishes for a good new year to all!
     Uri Hurwitz                                                       Great Neck, NY

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