[b-hebrew] Hyksos, Revisionism, and the Pharaoh of the Exodus

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On Dec 31, 2007 8:23 AM, Brian Roberts <formoria at carolina.rr.com> wrote:

> Karl;
> So how would your chronology solve the problem of the early dating of the
> Hyksos expulsion ca 1525 BCE,…

What is the margin of error possible in your "ca"? If you mean 1525 ± 100,
then the Exodus falls within the margin of error.

> … as compared to the much later appearance of
> "Israel" in the Merneptah Stela (after 1300 BCE) in Canaan?…

As I recall, Merneptah merely mentioned that Israel was there in Canaan, not
that Israel just arrived. That would be accurate for any time after about
1400 excepting the Babylonian Exile.

> … I guess what I'm
> asking is, does your chronology take the same route as Rohl's in the sense
> that it removes a 300 or so year gap from the Egyptian chronologies?

I don't know the details of Rohl's chronology, never having studied it. My
understanding is that he removes dates from some areas, pads extra dates in
others. The fact that he and others are able to do so based on the data
available, indicates that the commonly accepted chronology is not so cut and
dry as some would want us to believe.

> Further, what do you do with Thera, dated via C-14 to 1627-1620 BCE?

Is Thera connected with the Exodus? I know that that is a common
speculation. If the only evidence for the date is radiometric, that is
suspect because it is based on unobservable presuppositions. I trust written
records over radiometric dates.

> Best,
> R. Brian Roberts
> Amateur Researcher in Biblical Archaeology

Karl W. Randolph.

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