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even if I am not a moderator of this list, I'm wondering what use can be for 
the listers all this you are writing below.
Please, be so kind to explain us what use can all this be for b-hebrew list 

For instance, what use can be for us in our study to a better knowledge of 
biblical Hebrew to know that "DALAH", to draw up, can be  -or is--  related 
to "DELET", door, and so on... ?

Sincerely, I'm not able to understand it.

I even think that if you do not explain the use we can derive from your 
lists (in your actual post but also in precedent posts)... you are assuming 
the risk that moderators ban such messages of yours...

In which manner can all this be useful for the average member of the list?

I think you should do very well to explain in what, how, when, why, where 
all this you offer us can be useful. Otherwise... people on this list will 
think your messages have no other purpose than to send something, even if it 
is quite useless, no other purpose than to say you are alive...!

Be aware of this: my question is absolutely sincere.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

> By the equivalence of D, Z, T, Y, S, C, $, T, the root SL is a variant of
> the roots DL, ZL, TL, YL, SL, CL, $L, TL. The letter L implies that they 
> all
> betoken elevation, with the understanding that up and down are 
> symmetrical;
> something hang up is actually hanging down and a fallen thing lies over
> ground. In Hebrew DALAH means 'draw up', but DAL is 'lowly', and ZOL is
> 'cheap'.
> We have:
>>From DL: DALAH, 'draw up', as in Exodus 2:19, DELET, 'door', DLI = DL-HI),
> 'bucket', DALIT = DAL-HI)-AT, 'branch', as in Jeremiah 11:16, and DAL,
> 'lowly, meager'.
>>From ZL: ZUL, 'pour out ', as in Isaiah 46:6, 'devalue', as in 
> 1:8, ZLL, 'pile up food, stuffed himself with food, gluttony' as in
> Deuteronomy 21:20, ZALZAL, 'branch', as in Isaiah 18:5, and )ZL, 'fail,
> decline, run out', as in Deuteronomy 32:36 and 1 Samuel 9:7.
>>From TL: TIL, 'throw, fling', as in 1 Samuel 18:11 and Jonah 1:12, TLTL,
> 'roll over, shake', as in Isaiah 22:17, TAL, 'dew', TALEH, 'lamb', and 
> TL),
> 'patch', as in Joshua 9:5.
>>From YL: )AYAL, 'deer'.
>>From SL: SL) = SLH, 'worth, value', as in Lamentation 4:2, SLH, 'fling 
> cast away, reject', as in Psalms 119:118 and Lamentations 1:15, SAL,
> SALSALAH, 'basket', SLL, 'pile up', M-SIL-AH, MA-SLUL, 'pavement, ramp,
> trajectory', SULAM, 'ladder', SILON, 'sticking thorn', SELA(, 'rock', 
> 'sieved flour'.
>>From CL: C)EL, 'lofty tree, lotus?', as Job 40:21, )CL, 'bestow', as in
> Genesis 27:36 and Numbers 11:17, )ACIL, 'noble, grand, elevated', as in
> Exodus 24:11, )ECEL, 'by', CUL-AH, M-CUL-AH, 'depth', as in Exodus 15:5,
> CLH, 'roast over fire', CLL, 'sink', CLACAL, 'worm', as in Deuteronomy
> 28:42, CEL, 'shadow, projected patch of darkness', and CELA(, 'edge, 
> side'.
>>From $L: $UL, 'margin', as in Exodus 28:33-34, E$EL, 'lofty tree, 
> as in Genesis 21:33, $)L, 'ask, borrow, draw and extract information',
> MI-$(OL, 'path, lane', as in Numbers 22:24 , $O(AL, 'palm of the hand,
> cavity',  as in Isaiah 40:12, $U(AL, 'fox', $)OL, 'ditch, pit, sink', as 
> in
> Deuteronomy 32:22, $LH, 'deviate, deceive', as in 2 Kings 4:28, $ILYAH,
> 'placenta, afterbirth issue', as in Deuteronomy 28:57, $LL, 'heap'. Also
> possibly the name $A)UL, 'the tall one?'.
>>From TL: TLH, 'hang, impale', as in Genesis 40:19, TLI, 'hanging gear', as
> in Genesis 27:3, TALUL = TAL-HU)-L, 'steep, lofty', as in Ezekiel 17:22,
> TEL, 'mound, heap', as in Deuteronomy 13:17, TALTAL, 'lock, curl, wave', 
> as
> in Song of Songs 5:11, TOLA)AT = TOLA)-AT, 'worm', as in Psalms 22:7. Also
> possibly (TL, 'lofty, noble, elevated', from the name (ATAL-YAH, as in 2
> Kings 8:26.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University
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