[b-hebrew] Proof of camel domestication

Michael Abernathy michaelabernat9001 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 30 20:29:10 EST 2007

I found two relevant articles related to the genetics of camel 
domestication. The Wild Camel Protection Foundation 
(http://www.wildcamels.com/scientific.htm) states that there is a 3% 
difference between the genetics of the wild and domesticated camel. 
Based on genetic evidence they place the original domestication of 
camels in Northwest China about 5-6000 BP.  Both this  site and  Trends 
in Genetics in an article at 
http://anthropology.si.edu/archaeobio/Zederetal.2006.TIG.pdf place the 
of camels in Iran at about 2500 BC.
Michael Abernathy

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