[b-hebrew] The root SLH

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Sun Dec 30 07:35:47 EST 2007

By the equivalence of D, Z, T, Y, S, C, $, T, the root SL is a variant of 
the roots DL, ZL, TL, YL, SL, CL, $L, TL. The letter L implies that they all 
betoken elevation, with the understanding that up and down are symmetrical; 
something hang up is actually hanging down and a fallen thing lies over 
ground. In Hebrew DALAH means 'draw up', but DAL is 'lowly', and ZOL is 

We have:

>From DL: DALAH, 'draw up', as in Exodus 2:19, DELET, 'door', DLI = DL-HI), 
'bucket', DALIT = DAL-HI)-AT, 'branch', as in Jeremiah 11:16, and DAL, 
'lowly, meager'.

>From ZL: ZUL, 'pour out ', as in Isaiah 46:6, 'devalue', as in Lamentations 
1:8, ZLL, 'pile up food, stuffed himself with food, gluttony' as in 
Deuteronomy 21:20, ZALZAL, 'branch', as in Isaiah 18:5, and )ZL, 'fail, 
decline, run out', as in Deuteronomy 32:36 and 1 Samuel 9:7.

>From TL: TIL, 'throw, fling', as in 1 Samuel 18:11 and Jonah 1:12, TLTL, 
'roll over, shake', as in Isaiah 22:17, TAL, 'dew', TALEH, 'lamb', and TL), 
'patch', as in Joshua 9:5.

>From YL: )AYAL, 'deer'.

>From SL: SL) = SLH, 'worth, value', as in Lamentation 4:2, SLH, 'fling away, 
cast away, reject', as in Psalms 119:118 and Lamentations 1:15, SAL, 
SALSALAH, 'basket', SLL, 'pile up', M-SIL-AH, MA-SLUL, 'pavement, ramp, 
trajectory', SULAM, 'ladder', SILON, 'sticking thorn', SELA(, 'rock', SOLET, 
'sieved flour'.

>From CL: C)EL, 'lofty tree, lotus?', as Job 40:21, )CL, 'bestow', as in 
Genesis 27:36 and Numbers 11:17, )ACIL, 'noble, grand, elevated', as in 
Exodus 24:11, )ECEL, 'by', CUL-AH, M-CUL-AH, 'depth', as in Exodus 15:5, 
CLH, 'roast over fire', CLL, 'sink', CLACAL, 'worm', as in Deuteronomy 
28:42, CEL, 'shadow, projected patch of darkness', and CELA(, 'edge, side'.

>From $L: $UL, 'margin', as in Exodus 28:33-34, E$EL, 'lofty tree, tamarisk?' 
as in Genesis 21:33, $)L, 'ask, borrow, draw and extract information', 
MI-$(OL, 'path, lane', as in Numbers 22:24 , $O(AL, 'palm of the hand, 
cavity',  as in Isaiah 40:12, $U(AL, 'fox', $)OL, 'ditch, pit, sink', as in 
Deuteronomy 32:22, $LH, 'deviate, deceive', as in 2 Kings 4:28, $ILYAH, 
'placenta, afterbirth issue', as in Deuteronomy 28:57, $LL, 'heap'. Also 
possibly the name $A)UL, 'the tall one?'.

>From TL: TLH, 'hang, impale', as in Genesis 40:19, TLI, 'hanging gear', as 
in Genesis 27:3, TALUL = TAL-HU)-L, 'steep, lofty', as in Ezekiel 17:22, 
TEL, 'mound, heap', as in Deuteronomy 13:17, TALTAL, 'lock, curl, wave', as 
in Song of Songs 5:11, TOLA)AT = TOLA)-AT, 'worm', as in Psalms 22:7. Also 
possibly (TL, 'lofty, noble, elevated', from the name (ATAL-YAH, as in 2 
Kings 8:26.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

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