[b-hebrew] Abraham, Sarah, Lot, and Lot's Wife

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While I do not agree with most of what Jim writes, in this case he may have 
a point. You are right that the Torah does not report every detail, and you 
are right that God COULD have told Abraham through prophecy, but since the 
Torah does not say that He did, might not Jim be correct in thinking that He 
did not? Maybe this was a test of Abraham's faith (Hazal tell us that he 
went through ten of those). I'm not saying that Jim is correct, just that he 
might be (in this case!).

Yigal Levin

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> No one ever claims or claimed that the text of the Torah reported
> every single detail.  In fact, we know that there were many Mitzvot
> that the Torah commanded but did not EVEN report the details of how
> to perform them.  So the fact that the Torah did not report in detail
> that Avraham knew that Avimelech did not touch Sarah, does not mean
> that he did not know, ESPECIALLY since we are told that Avraham was a
> prophet, ie; that he DID know, by prophetic information, directly
> from Hashem.
> Shoshanna

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