[b-hebrew] Abraham, Sarah, Lot, etc.-Leviticus 18:7

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 30 00:26:37 EST 2007

You asked me why I read Jim Stinehart's postings. One reason is that I am curious about the ideas of the people who believe in fringe theories like the Israelites were really Egyptian pharoahs, etc. I only recently heard about these ideas, and I don't want to read one of the fringe books, so here I get to learn their basic beliefs without having to read a book.
Also, his unusual ideas are interesting, even if I don't agree. I don't like to answer all of them, but sometimes I feel like I have to like the one about fathers and daughters not being included in the incest laws in Leviticus 18.
Also, I am curious about what is considered proof to different people. Some people in the fringe world seem to have a different way of proving things, and I am curious how they think. I want to understand their standards for proof to see if I have similar standards or not.
I am also curious to see if any of my arguments meet the standard of proof Jim and other people with alternative beliefs about history have. I am curious to see if I can actually change his mind on any subject. So far, I can't.
Kenneth Greifer
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