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No one ever claims or claimed that the text of the Torah reported 
every single detail.  In fact, we know that there were many Mitzvot 
that the Torah commanded but did not EVEN report the details of how 
to perform them.  So the fact that the Torah did not report in detail 
that Avraham knew that Avimelech did not touch Sarah, does not mean 
that he did not know, ESPECIALLY since we are told that Avraham was a 
prophet, ie; that he DID know, by prophetic information, directly 
from Hashem.


Shoshanna Walker:

You wrote:  ’ÄúHere we go again.  We know that Avraham had no such doubts
 G-d warned Avimelech in a dream not to touch her, telling him that Avraham
was a prophet, and therefore he knew that she had not been touched.’Äù

1.  The fact that YHWH may have warned Abimelech in a dream not to touch
Sarah would not mean that Abraham knew that Abimelech did not touch Sarah.

2.  The text does not report that YHWH ever told Abraham that Abimelech had
not touched Sarah.

3.   The text does not report that Sarah ever told Abraham that Abimelech had
not touched Sarah.

4.  Abraham is not reported to praise YHWH at Isaac’Äôs birth.  Why? 
Why isn’Äô
t Abraham portrayed as profusely thanking YHWH at Isaac’Äôs birth?

5.  Abraham is not portrayed as saying anything nice to or about Isaac during
Isaac’Äôs childhood.  Why is that?

6.  Abraham is not stated to be grieved or upset when he almost kills Isaac
in the harrowing binding incident.  Why not?

7.  (a)  Abraham is portrayed as pleading Ishmael’Äôs case to YHWH at Genesis
17: 18.  Why doesn’Äôt Abraham plead Isaac’Äôs case to YHWH in the binding

(b)  Abraham is portrayed as being ’Äúgrieved’Äù at Genesis 21: 11 when Sarah
forces Abraham to exile Ishmael.  Why isn’Äôt Abraham portrayed as 
being ’Äúgrieved’Äô
 in the binding incident?

8.  To me, the foregoing strongly implies that for many years, Abraham was
not sure whether Isaac was Abraham’Äôs blood son or Abraham’Äôs adopted son.  I
agree that at Genesis 25: 19, we get the good news that Isaac almost certainly
was in fact Abraham’Äôs blood son.  But the critical issue is whether 
Abraham was
100% sure from day #1 that Isaac was Abraham’Äôs blood son, as opposed to
possibly being Abraham’Äôs adopted son.

9.  Abraham’Äôs core righteousness is that Abraham accepts Isaac as his sole
heir, despite having some doubts about Isaac’Äôs biological paternity 
at the time,
because YHWH tells Abraham to accept Isaac as Abraham’Äôs sole heir.

10.  Abraham is a more impressive character, and the narrative about him is
more impressive, once one understands that Abraham himself was not sure at the
beginning whether or not Isaac was Abraham’Äôs blood son.  Abraham did not have
an easy life, nor did he have easy choices.  Abraham is righteous, and he
makes the right choices for the right reasons.  But those were not 
easy choices.
Abraham’Äôs personal preference was for Ishmael, whom Abraham knew for sure was
Abraham’Äôs blood son.  But Abraham properly chooses Isaac as his sole heir,
because that was what YHWH told Abraham to do, even though Abraham was not sure
at the time of Isaac’Äôs biological paternity.

Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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