[b-hebrew] Abraham, Sarah, Lot and Lot's Wife: Part I of II

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Thu Dec 27 17:40:53 EST 2007

Here we go again.  We know that Avraham had no such doubts because 
G-d warned Avimelech in a dream not to touch her, telling him that 
Avraham was a prophet, and therefore he knew that she had not been 

Shoshanna Walker

I am not insisting that Abimelech touched Sarah.  What I am insisting,
rather, is that the received text strongly suggests that Abraham 
himself had some
real doubts about Isaac’Äôs biological paternity for many years. 
Eventually those
doubts are resolved to everyone’Äôs satisfaction and great relief, but not

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