[b-hebrew] Amarna letters once again-sorry about this

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 26 12:17:23 EST 2007

I know that you don't want to discuss the Amarna letters, but I never heard about it until you mentioned it, and now that you are saying that all of the stories in the patriarchal narratives are actually about other people, Egyptian kings, etc., I feel that I should get to ask a few questions before you go on.  You are making very big claims that I want to understand better.
It sounds like you are saying that the patriarchal narratives are a falsified version of Egyptian history that you think is truly explained in the Amarna letters. I read some of the letters and the patriarchal stories, and it is obvious that you don't mind saying the writer of the patriarchal narratives is a liar telling a bunch of lies with only a few vaguely similar themes in the stories. You have the right to believe that, but I don't feel convinced that the similarities are enough to make up for all of the differences that have to be explained as lies by the author of the patriarchal narratives.
Why don't you ever say the patriarchal narratives are full of lies? You keep saying how great they are, but then you seem to show that they are also false. Am I misunderstanding what you are saying?
Kenneth Greifer
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