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It certainly is possible that Ex. 3:14 is a sort of folk etymology. The  
Torah does not appear to have our modern scientific sense of etymology. 
A clear example is related to the naming of the city of  Babel, Genesis says 
that Babel derived its name as a consequence  of God's confusing the languages 
of the people when they tried to  build a tower with its top in the heavens. 
It would make more sense that  the place was named before God cause the 
confusion. The scientific  derivation is Bab-El, the gate of God. 
Similarly, 'EHYEH ASHER 'EHYEH could be an attempt to interpret the meaning  
of YHWH. When you say that the phrase is a pun, I gather that that is what  
you are suggesting.
ted brownstein
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Dear  Ted,

1. Please remember to sign your posts with your full  name.

2. In my opinion, is a pun, not an etymology.

Yigal  Levin

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