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Shoshanna and Isaac:
The point I made is not that YHWH is a verb, but that the name appears to  be 
derived from the verbal root HYH. Does anyone on this list disagree with a  
verbal derivation? (The Hebrew lexicon is generally recognized to contain both  
denominative verbs, nouns with a verbal root, and deverbal nouns, a noun  
that has been derived from a verbal root.)
In Ex 3:14, G-D explains and elaborates on His name to Moses saying:  'EHYEH  
ASHER 'EHYEH, which is usually translated I AM THAT I AM.  'EHYEH is the 
first person imperfect form of the verb HYH. An alternate   translation might 
therefore be" I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE, although the imperfect  form does not 
always indicate future time. This seems to be as clear as the  evidence is going 
to get that YHWH is somehow connected with HYH. 
The exact form YHWH never appears as a verb.
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YHWH is not a verb and not a noun, it is a  personal name. The entire 
"morphological" argument hinges on the, in my  opinion undecidable, question 
as to whether Y and H are radicals or  personal pronouns.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

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>I realize that  my posts re G-d's authorship of the Torah, get ignored
> here, but this  is a real question that I am asking:  Can - at least -
> the person  who claimed that YHWH is used as a verb - answer me,
> please!  I  sincerely have no recollection of that.
>  Shoshanna
> When/where is it used as a  verb?
> Shoshanna

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