[b-hebrew] ASKING AGAIN Re: YHWH

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Dec 26 01:39:15 EST 2007

I realize that my posts re G-d's authorship of the Torah, get ignored 
here, but this is a real question that I am asking:  Can - at least - 
the person who claimed that YHWH is used as a verb - answer me, 
please!  I sincerely have no recollection of that.


When/where is it used as a verb?


    It's not different syntax, it's different morphology and I realize
that.  But I'm not sure that we know that the verbal aspect is
emphasized.  Hebrew doesn't seem to have a standard copula like Greek
and when YHWH is used as a verb it often is just a helping verb.
    John C. Wilking

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