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Tue Dec 25 12:31:45 EST 2007

Despite the fact that some translations render ANI as "I am" in Isaiah  47:8, 
the syntax is very different than YHWH...
1) ANI is a pronoun, while YHWH is presumably some verbal form, of HYH. 
2) The role of ANI in these verses is to emphasize the first person which  is 
also present in the suffix of 'PSi while in YHWH the emphasis is on the  
verbal aspect (either being or becoming). In Ex 3:14 the first person is alluded  
to as the meaning of the divine name but the form YHWH is third person.
ted brownstein
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Can we  see YHWH as equivalent to ANI as used in Isaiah
47:8,10?  This would  make YHWH idiomatic for
"superiority" or the like.

John C.  Wilking

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