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Yitzhak Sapir yitzhaksapir at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 15:09:23 EST 2007

On Dec 24, 2007 4:52 PM,  Jim Stinehart wrote:

> You could read Amarna Letters #27, #28 and #29 in this regard in particular.
> (Amarna Letters #17 - #26 provide background.)
> Let me here quote a small part of Amarna Letter #27, written by the most
> prominent man on the upper Euphrates River to his monotheistic son-in-law from far
> to the southwest.  See if these very lines of text could almost be slipped
> right into the text of the Patriarchal narratives, because the match is so close:
> "Say to…my brother, my son-in-law, for whom I love and who loves me:  Thus…,
> your father-in-law [on the upper Euphrates River]….  But now my brother
> [i.e., son-in-law] has not sent me the statues…May my brother now give me the
> statues…, and may he not hold them back."  Amarna Letter #27: 1-6, 41-44

> (ii)  A monotheistic son-in-law from far to the southwest,

Amenhotep IV was not monotheistic.

Yitzhak Sapir

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