[b-hebrew] Wellhausen JEPD Theory re Patriarchal Narratives

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 13:00:00 EST 2007

 Dear Rev. Williams,
   You wrote, in part:
  "Then are you saying that the noted Kenneth Kitchen is incorrect in his
statements that situations presented in the Pentateuch are reflective of 2nd
Millennium BC? (I am unable at this time to give you the quotes since I have his
books packed to move to a new location here in Redding, CA.)"

    It  would be a truism to state that individual opinions, on this list
  or elsewhere, are valueless unless based on specific knolwedge of
  the work discussed. Generalities, such as "many scholars believe
  that.." can never substitute for refutations of an author's arguments.
      Kitchen's "On the Reliability of the Old Testament" is, like every
  human endeavor, not above criticism.  He did collect a vast
  amount of  extra-biblical ANE evidence to support his arguments
  about the general validity of biblical historicity. The important point here, 
  again, is the vast amount of material he collected over the decades.
      He is not alone in his views of  ancient Israel in Egypt: scholars
  like   Hoffmeier, an Egyptologist who does archaeological work
  in the Sinai, Curdis and others support such a position. Bietak's work on
   West Semites in the Delta is pertinent to the subject.
       Some who dismiss Kitchen because he is a "mere Egyptologist" are
  simply ignorant of the the breadth of his work.
      On the Reliability of the OIld Testament has of course been reviewed;
   the SBL has two on line, if memory serves. The best, in my opinion,
   is the balanced review of H G Williamson from Oxford.
     Uri Hurwitz                                                            Great Neck NY  

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