[b-hebrew] Tithing

Stoney Breyer stoneyb at touchwoodcreative.com
Fri Dec 21 13:02:30 EST 2007

That was not my point, however.  

SB: Well, you made it, presumably in support of the following argument:

Genesis 28: 20-22 is not fiction created in the mid-1st millennium BCE
by a Hebrew priest who was trying to get his fellow Hebrews to give more
money to the temple.  There is no way that a mid-1st millennium BCE
Hebrew priest would make up a story like that.  No way.  That story does
not fit the mindset of the 1st millennium BCE at all.  That was my

SB: The 'mindset of the 1st millennium BCE' covers a long time, a lot of
territory and a lot of different people with (on the authority of the
prophets) a lot of different mindsets.

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