[b-hebrew] Massoretic notes to Josh 11:14 (+ Gen 2:5; Num 36:8)?

Petr Tomasek tomasek at etf.cuni.cz
Thu Dec 13 12:03:41 EST 2007


If someone has an access to the Facsimille of the Cairo
codex of prophets (Codex Cairo of the Bible: from the Karaite Synagoge at Abbasiya,
Jerusalem: Makor, 1971)[*], would You please tell, if there
is (and what) a massoretic note to the verse Josh 11:14?

Also there were some rumours, that some of the lost parts of the Allepo Codex
could be reconstructed from some transcriptions. Does anyone know
(or could give me some hints as where to look for) if a massoretic
notes for Gen 2:5 and Num 36:8 could be reconstructed in this way?

(I do have an access to the facsimille of A and L)

Thank You very much!

Petr Tomasek

[*] I found it in the library of the Wissenschaftliches Theologisches Seminar
of Heidelberg under the signature "AT Ca 40". Unfortunatelly in the near
future I don't plan to visit Heidelberg...

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