[b-hebrew] Question

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 15:29:00 EST 2007

Hi Isaac,

Quite simply: *Why* do I "have it all wrong"? You have failed to provide 
anything but the expected rhetoric! Why is it that I should accept you 
when you say that I can "safely shed [the language of gender-marking] 
from [my] vocabulary" when you provide no substantive argument or 
evidence as to why? Why are my postings simply "improvised logic" when I 
am simply restating standard linguistic positions and standard analysis 
of BH? How is this "improvised" when it is the standard and traditional 
positions? Where is the evidence supported your position? What is the 
linguistic theory explaining this evidence in this alternate way against 
everyone else?

I have looked at your book and there is no such evidence -- just the 
same subjective analysis you present on this list eschewing any 
attention to basic linguistic theory and methodology. There is no 
interaction with secondary literature -- something expected in standard 
academic works in our field. There is simply no attempt to position your 
theory in relation to the consensus position, and no attempt at arguing 
why you explanations are in fact better. The results of your research 
are just plain wrong because you have avoided the fundamentals. Like I 
said, before: you would require of someone attempting algebra to be 
familiar and able in the basics of addition, subtraction, 
multiplication, and division else fundamental mistakes would likely be 
made. I have raised a number of fundamental issues with your theory 
which still await proper treatment by you. My opinion that you are 
unable to do so awaits debunking.

David Kummerow.

> David,
> You have it all wrong. The "gender-marking" is a figment of your (or 
> your mentors') imagination. You can safely shed it from your vocabulary.
> It is crystal clear to me now that not only did you not put so much as a 
> dent in "my theories", but that you have shown yourself also still quite 
> confused as to what the Hebrew language is all about.
> I suggest that you read my book and pay close attention to my postings 
> on this list.
> I am sorry that my responses to you are often curt, but I sometimes find 
> the improvised logic of you postings so frustrating as to render them 
> unanswerable.  
> Isaac Fried, Boston University

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