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Wed Dec 12 01:03:27 EST 2007

> The problem with the statement is that it assumes that the gender-marking 
> of the adjective and noun is in fact person-marking (speech-participant 
> marking), here third-person. That's why he says "-AH refers to the 
> *feminine bearer* of the attribute" and "-AH refers to *the thing 
> itself*."



I think Isaac is right when he says
> refers to the *feminine bearer* of the attribute" and "-AH refers to *the 
> thing itself*."

In Ec 9:16 we find "tovAH", (female) good (adjective, feminine form), and in 
Nm 24:13 we find "tovAH", welfare, goodness (substantive feminine)

I think nothing can be raised against his assertion.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

> Even more bizarre and illogical is his example of what has traditionally 
> been seen to be gender-marking is in fact second-person marking:
> "The counterpart to MAR, 'mister' is MAR-AT, where -AT is surely the 
> personal pronoun AT, 'you'."
> These assertions rest on no linguistic foundation whatsoever and are able 
> to be uttered only because of naiveness in relation to the fundamentals 
> and basics of general linguistics. No linguist would give assent to them.
> Rather, gender-marking on nouns and adjectives is an indexical or 
> agreement coding strategy which indexes a semantic dependency of that 
> indicated by the morpheme in question. In this sense, then, I take it that 
> gender-marking "refers", but this issue is actually theoretically 
> divisive, so not everyone will agree with this statement. But 
> gender-marking on nouns and adjectives is not to be equated and collapsed 
> with person-marking!
> Regards,
> David Kummerow.
>> David,
>> I'm not Isaac's advocate, but I ask you: what  do you find to be wrong or 
>> mistaken in this statement of his?:
>> "4. In the adjective TOBAH, 'good', -AH refers to the feminine bearer of
>> the attribute, but in the noun TOBAH, 'favor, goodness', -AH refers to
>> the thing itself."
>> Best regards from
>> Pere Porta
>> Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

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