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Dear Kenneth,

To a certain extent I agree that Jim should submit a book for online perusal,
but I disagree that his emails are in book form. They are long, but considering
the current topic regarding puns on the names of the children of Israel/Jacob
(which involves puns also) they are going to be long because we (the list)
require that the evidence be presented with the sources given. This is a topic
(puns) that is sadly neglected by most commentaries and by most Hebrew scholars.
Just look at the number of puns in the English language. We normally think of
puns on the sound of a word, but puns also involve plays on meaning or spelling.
Sexual innuendos found in our culture (and would probably say every culture) are
one form of puns. The Song of Solomon uses poetic language to put puns to use.
Most puns are funny, but some are very serious indeed. In fact, when I was
studying for a test on the Song of Solomon at Los Angeles Baptist College (now
The Master's College) a long time ago, I would listen to the tape while reading.
This caused some consternation amongst the coeds (I wonder why? No Duh!) because
they would pick up on the puns and innuendos being presented. They, the coeds
and myself, would understand this in English. Could you imagine how much more
understanding of the text (and probably a whole lot more blushing) if we were
all able to understand the Hebrew? Yes, the Lord does have a sense of humor with
His creation.

Now regarding the use of puns in the children of Israel/Jacob. Jim seems to have
a point in that the puns used in Genesis are for the purpose of describing the
actions both present and future of these children. The argumentation probably
needs to tightened up, but for the most part, seems cogent. The plaintive, i.e.
Jim, is still presenting his case. The defendants, i.e. that's us on this list,
will question, present counter-arguments, etc. to either prove or disprove the
case. Eventually, both sides will hand the case over to the jury. Let's wait and
see the entire evidence before we make a decision one way or another. In fact,
it is quite possible for a hung-jury. It all depends on the evidence presented
and the removal of all doubt for Jim to prove his case.

En Xristwi,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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Jim Stinehart,

I think you have many interesting and controversial ideas about the patriarchal
narratives and their connection to the Amarna letters, but I think you should
put your ideas into a book, and make them freely available on an internet site.
I feel like you are sending out a book page by page by email, and I would rather
read an interesting book all at once if I am interested in a subject. By
dividing up a book's worth of information into many emails, it takes away from
the possible enjoyment of your information.

I have an internet site with my own amateur "book" that nobody but me likes, but
I don't send out my book page by page by email because it is not as interesting
to read. Also, if people did not like my "book", it would just bother them.

Your ideas lose their impact from being divided up into so many pieces. People
can't see the big picture like they can in a book. I highly recommend that you
put your ideas into a book and then just send snippets to people by email to
make them aware of your book and your interesting ideas.

Of course, this is just a suggestion, but most researchers like you put their
ideas into a book. For example, if someone wants to look up an earlier idea you
sent, which email in the archives should they look at ? If everything was in a
book on an internet site, then they would have an easier time, especially if you
have an index.

I am not saying that I agree with your controversial ideas, but I just think you
are making them less persuasive by dividing them up into many emails.

Kenneth Greifer
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