[b-hebrew] Proverbs 16:27

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 18:34:54 EST 2007

Karl and Yitzhak,
I thought Proverbs 16:27 might say "an evil man is the furnace (kaf vav resh as kaf resh) of evil (hay resh ayin hay), and upon his lips it (evil) burns like a fire." I am not sure if it is grammatically correct this way.
 According to Yitzhak a German scholar said the same thing, so it is probably something other people have considered too.
Yitzhak, I like this one better than your way because the lips part does not sound right in your way.  I don't think a furnace would burn on his lips, but the evil man as the furnace with evil burning on his lips sounds like other quotes describing how people spoke evil things.
Kenneth Greifer
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