[b-hebrew] Study on energic nun ter

dwashbur at nyx.net dwashbur at nyx.net
Mon Dec 3 13:11:51 EST 2007

On 3 Dec 2007 at 10:01, K Randolph wrote:

> Isaac:


> I can understand why others call for your expulsion.

I can understand, too, but I don't support it.  I wholeheartedly support the rules and 
guidelines that call for expulsion because of abuse, personal attacks, and that sort of thing, 
but I won't support any expulsion based solely on ideas.  If we start down that road, where 
do we stop?  Who decides, and how?  As long as the idea, however far-fetched it might 
seem to some (perhaps all) of us, is related to biblical Hebrew, and as long as it is 
presented in a fairly respectful and non-abusive manner, I submit that any and all ideas 
should be airable here.  If one thinks the idea is "out there like Pluto" then one simply need 
not read that person's posts.  But censorship based on radical or unpopular, or even 
disproven, ideas, is a really bad idea itself.

Dave Washburn
As a French hippie might say, "Je ne creuse pas!"

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