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Yitzhak Sapir yitzhaksapir at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 04:56:00 EST 2007

Dear all,

Recently some discussions have taken place (again) on the list regarding
the content of some other discussions on the list.  One very respected
member suggested he might leave under various conditions.  I believe there
is indeed a need for a moderated list that deals with subject matters related
to the subject matters dealt with on this list.  Until recently, there was a
discussion forum Miqra, although it too had rather permissive moderation,
and more problematically, had a very inconvenient user interface.  I believe
there is a need for an academic list where Biblical Hebrew is a primary
topic of discussion.  I also believe, that while this list does not, and was
never meant to fulfill that goal, this list also has its place and
fulfills a need
of the readers.  Since, however, no reasonable academic venue was available
today for the discussion of Biblical Hebrew, I decided to take up the task

I created Canaanite! (So the list-server told me).  A discussion group for
the Canaanite family of languages, which includes Phoenician and its
later dialect, Ugaritic, Amarna Canaanite, and... Biblical Hebrew!  The
scope is much wider than the scope of this list, both temporally and
linguistically.  There are various reasons for this: 1) There already is an
Aramaic list (formed, curiously enough, to provide an Aramaic equivalent
for this list, although it is academically oriented and moderated), and
Canaanite will therefore cover the other major subfamily of languages
in Northwest Semitic, not covered by Aramaic.  2) While I suppose many
discussions will focus on the Bible and Hebrew, I think it would be very
nice if there would also be equal or even less than equal but noticeable
focus on other related languages -- everyone would benefit.  3) Because
the list is academically oriented, the scope is already more limited than
B-Hebrew, and hence I feel it would be wise to initially focus on a wider
scope.  If we do find that discussions of all Canaanite languages and
literatures together are too much even in an academically oriented list,
the list could always form spin-offs of its own.

Please recognize that Canaanite is not meant to replace B-Hebrew.  The
two are different venues for discussion of related matters, and there are
important contrasts in both nature and scope between the two.  Having
said that, everyone is invited to join!  You can do so with this link:


Also, if any scholars in relevant fields would like to take part in moderation
of the list, and feel they have the time and resources to do so, please
feel free to contact me privately in that regard.

Yitzhak Sapir

P.S. I do not intend to unsubscribe from B-Hebrew or to stop responding
to posts on this list.

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