[b-hebrew] Hebrew fonts again

Jason Hare jaihare at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 03:43:10 EST 2007


Indeed, I have been using Times New Roman with none of the spacing 
issues since I came into contact with it. These two are not the only 
update fonts provided with Vista. Tahoma has also been updated, and so 
has Courier New for fixed-width text. They do not have the problems that 
the older versions contained, such as what you mention. It's quite nice, 
as Ken has attested. There is an online update for Arial and Times New 
Roman provided on a Christian website, if you're interested. It's an 
automatic installer. Just write me offlist, and I'll provide the link 
for you.

Jason Hare

Soren wrote:
> Two font questions (perennial issue, it seems):
> Somebody (Jason Hare, I think?) mentioned recently that Times New Roman and Arial occur in updated versions with Windows Vista. Am I right that the trouble with holam on vocalized Hebrew still persists??
> When using excellent fonts like Ezra SIL or SBL Hebrew in a regular Word document written in Times New Roman, inserted Hebrew passages cause lines to move further apart. What would be the sensible thing to do about that? Would setting line spacing to a specific number of points, rather than just "single", cause unwanted side effects?
> kol tuv
> Soren
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