[b-hebrew] uncovering Boaz' 'footsies' was Samson at Gaza - Judges 16:1

JAMES CHRISTIAN READ JCR128 at student.anglia.ac.uk
Tue Aug 28 18:15:27 EDT 2007

GA: James, the text never says that the cold woke Boaz up. It simply says that
he was startled, ... I'm not sure where you're getting this notion
that the cold woke him up.

JCR: I guess I took the Boaz's shaking as a result of the 
cold sensation in his feet. I may have misunderstood.

GA: and when he went to turn over he couldn't, because there
was a woman on his MARGALOT!

JCR: Are you suggesting that we understand that Ruth 
lay ON his feet rather than AT his feet. If so, that 
would explain why he woke up.


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