[b-hebrew] Matres Lectionis and critical analysis

JAMES CHRISTIAN READ JCR128 at student.anglia.ac.uk
Tue Aug 28 18:06:37 EDT 2007

PB: Which oldest texts was he referring to, the ones Moses wrote or the  
ones God actually wrote with his finger? :)

JCR: He didn't say. But from the way in general that he 
used to speak about stuff I got the impression that he 
was very critical of the text and didn't adhere to any 
particular traditional understanding of it.

PB: You are the computer scientist with electronic copies of the Aleppo  
codex and lexicon, why don't you write a routine to pull out the  
spaces, mark the matres as optional and suggest all the possible  
permutations of the text and then report back to us.

JCR: Hmmm! Now you mention it, that doesn't sound like 
a bad idea.

PB: With all this  
talk of reading the unpointed text I would be interested in knowing  
exactly what percentage of the words are truly ambiguous.

JCR: It would be interesting to know, wouldn't it? I'm
not sure I agree with Dr. Davila. Just wanted to hear 
people's thoughts really. Perhaps in the hope that it 
would stimulate me to formulate an opinion of my own 
after hearing people's views and their reasons for 
holding them.

PB: You'll have  
to come up with a methodology to separate historical spellings from  
true vowel letters (are you going to count the yod of BYT as a  

JCR: You do have a point. Not as easy as it sounds at 

PB: (Sorry for the flippant response, reading all day long is frying my  

JCR: Didn't realise you were being flippant. Most of 
what you said seemed to be great suggestions.

PB: PS. Also read all of these books:

JCR: Wow! If ever I'm stuck with bibliography I know 
where to go in future. You must have an awesome 

Do you have a view either way? I'd be interested in 
hearing what people think about Dr Davila's claims.


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 must have an awesome 

Do you have a view either way? I'd be interested in 

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