[b-hebrew] Matres Lectionis and critical analysis

Peter Bekins pbekins at fuse.net
Tue Aug 28 17:02:28 EDT 2007


 >>He suggested that the oldest texts from which
 >>the books of the Hebrew bible were copied had no matres
 >>lectionis and were written without spaces.

Which oldest texts was he referring to, the ones Moses wrote or the  
ones God actually wrote with his finger? :)

You are the computer scientist with electronic copies of the Aleppo  
codex and lexicon, why don't you write a routine to pull out the  
spaces, mark the matres as optional and suggest all the possible  
permutations of the text and then report back to us. With all this  
talk of reading the unpointed text I would be interested in knowing  
exactly what percentage of the words are truly ambiguous. You'll have  
to come up with a methodology to separate historical spellings from  
true vowel letters (are you going to count the yod of BYT as a  
mater?) Oh, you'll probably have to throw together a morphological  
and syntactical parser while you are at it and you can use your  
concordance to pull out common phrases to mark things that should be  
unambiguous by context like BN XKM. :)

Peter Bekins
(Sorry for the flippant response, reading all day long is frying my  

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