[b-hebrew] uncovering Boaz' 'footsies' was Samson at Gaza - Judges 16:1

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Hi George,

You wrote,

> Secondly, Naomi is not as old as you think. At the end of the book, she is
> able to nurse (suckle) her grandson. That tells me she's not that old. That
> also tells me that much of what she says is mere rhetoric.
The usual word for nursing (as in breast feeding) is _meyneqet_.  Is is 
not used of Naomi.  Ruth 4:16 says Naomi became her grandson's 
_'omenet_, which means something more like a nanny or foster mother (as 
in a supporter).  It was impossible for Naomi to nurse unless she had 
herself fairly recently given birth which is unlikely since she says, "I 
am too old to be married. Even if I thought there was hope for me, even 
if I were married tonight and I also bore sons, should you wait for them 
to grow up?"


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