[b-hebrew] Using an unpointed text

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 24 14:16:58 EDT 2007

This idea might sound silly, but a person could learn to read Biblical 
Hebrew without the vowels like a deaf person learns to read and understand a 
language without imagining any sounds connected to the words.

You can just see the letters as words, and recognize what the words mean 
without any sound connected to the letters. If a person wants to read 
Biblical Hebrew, and has no plans to speak the language, then he or she can 
look at the letters without the words representing sounds. The meanings of 
the words could be understand by each person in his or her own language. If 
deaf people can do it, then a hearing person could do it, but it would feel 

Do you have to speak or even hear a language to know how to read a language?


Kenneth Greifer

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