[b-hebrew] uncovering Boaz' 'footsies' was Samson at Gaza - Judges 16:1

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Fri Aug 24 00:15:16 EDT 2007

Both Ruth and Naomi were on the outer in terms of their society. Naomi had
been married and had borne children. She, therefore, was no longer
'marriageable'. She could not revert to the status of 'virgin'. Ruth,
however, did not have children. Hence, she could revert to the status of a
'virgin' and be remarried. This is precisely what Naomi encouraged her to
do, but Ruth chose not to (Orpah, though, did).
So Naomi and Ruth have to try to get by on the fringe of society without
anyone to protect them. This is what makes Boaz' treatment of Ruth
exceptional -- he doesn't have to be nice to her, but he is.
Also, you've brought a blanket into the narrative for Boaz' feet. Again, I'm
not saying you're wrong, but we should acknowledge that the text itself
doesn't mention it. I realise you're simply trying to fill in the gap which
is there in the narrative, but I hope you acknowledge that this is what you
are doing.

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