[b-hebrew] BO and BO)

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Tue Aug 21 23:56:14 EDT 2007


You are saying:

“There is an alternative. It is the theory that all
languages are composed of words which are merely
combinations of meaningless syllables. The data of over
6 million languages currently backs up my theory. How
many languages back your theory up?”

The idea that ancient Hebrews started their language with meaningless 
syllables that somehow got combined into meaningful words is anathema to me. 
How, and by what system, pray, did these meaningless sound bits combine into 
meaningful words, again, by a “hardwired algorithm?” I am really astounded 
that there are people on the face of this earth who accept such nonsense. 
Moreover, Hebrew is a root based language not a word based language. The 
whole inherent confusion of Indo-European linguistics stems from the fact 
that most of its initiators and propagators did not know Hebrew, and hence 
did not understand the process of word formation.

Please, don’t come to me with 6 million languages, stay with Hebrew. It is 
also not clear to me what “the data” is.

Isaac Fried, Boston University 

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