[b-hebrew] BO and BO): about Isaac Fried's ideas about Hebrew

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Aug 13 18:45:10 EDT 2007

The fact that Isaac is on B-Hebrew and contributing regularly means we are
all taking notice of his ideas. I'm just pointing out that they appear to be
(to me at least) non conventional.
It is the job of libraries to acquire books, whether the books are
mainstream or not. Good libraries (with decent budgets) will have a wide
range of material. The presence of a book in a library, therefore, does not
say that the book is mainstream or conventional wisdom.
BTW, does someone know much about the publisher "HEP"? It doesn't ring a
bell with me. Also, perhaps someone who is using Isaac's book in a class
(Isaac himself maybe?) might care to tell us how they came to use it, and
how it goes in that context. Is it being used alongside other grammar works?

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