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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Fri Aug 10 12:25:42 EDT 2007

On 10/08/2007 16:53, Jerry Holmaas wrote:
> I'm subscribed to get individual posts and I get the same question marks.
> Very frustrating indeed.
Well, I can assure you that the problem is not in Isaac's original post, 
nor in how the mailing list sent it out as an individual post, but in 
your system.

I see you are using Microsoft Outlook 11. Is this on Windows? If so, 
what you probably need to do is to install Hebrew support into your 
system and into Microsoft Office. First go into Control Panel - Regional 
and Language Options - Languages and check "Install files for complex 
script...". Then from the Start menu run Microsoft Office Tools - 
Language Settings and select Hebrew as one of the supported languages.

On the othar hand, if you are using Microsoft Outllok on a Mac, then you 
need to change your mail software. This is because Microsoft has made a 
deliberate decision not to support Hebrew in its software for the Mac.

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