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Jerry Holmaas jholmaas at aflc.org
Fri Aug 10 11:53:25 EDT 2007

I'm subscribed to get individual posts and I get the same question marks.
Very frustrating indeed.

Jerry Holmaas
AFLC Schools

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On 09/08/2007 21:23, K. Wieske wrote:
> Hello all.  I have been lurking for a while.  I don't always have time 
> to follow every discussion, but nevertheless I have enjoyed most of 
> what I've managed to read.
> One thing I would request help on is the font issue.  I assume that 
> the bunch of question marks I'm getting in some posts (please see
> below) are probably being generated when the poster uses some Hebrew 
> font I don't have on my computer.
> I am running Mac OS X; would some one kindly inform me where to obtain 
> the requisite fonts so that I can better follow the discussions?
Your problem may well not be with fonts at all, but because you are
subscribed to the digest for this list. I would expect that the digest is
compiled in ISO-8859-1 encoding which does not support Hebrew, and so you
get the question marks. If so, this is a bug in the list software. I would
suggest that you change your subscription to individual posts. 
These should then arrive UTF-8 encoded, an encoding which supports Hebrew,
as specified by the author (at least in this case), and you should be able
to read them.

Peter Kirk
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